Rock Drilling Melbourne | Non Destructive Rock Drilling

One of the challenges facing the power, gas and water industries and the provision of these services to residential and commercial properties is rock drilling.

Underground rock is found all throughout Melbourne and across Victoria, including inner city, suburbs, outer metropolitan and rural areas. To lay pipes, conduit or services in these areas requires highly specialised rock drilling equipment, skill, experience and proficiency, which is where Total Underground Solutions stands out from the crowd.

When a development or construction company or other contractor needs to work underground in rock there is no substitute for a skilled, experienced rock drill operator and tracker using state-of-the-art rock drilling equipment. From understanding, what is underground (ground formations and conditions) drill preparation, equipment and tool selection, mud-rotary drilling through rock and reinstatements, Total Underground Solutions provides an end-to-end rock drilling solution that complements our directional and horizontal drilling services, Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) and other drilling and boring services.

Advances in technology mean that our rock drilling services can now be completed effectively in a more efficient and timely manner, safer and with less impact on the environment than ever before. Our drills use a recycling system that filters out the rock cuttings and allows the continual re-use of the water supply enabling the system to be both environmentally friendly and efficient.

Our specialised rock drilling tooling can be used to open holes in rock from 63mm to 350mm. This advanced technology drilling service is safe and environmentally friendly. Understanding the ground formations is key to solving the drilling service required and a non-destructive digging (NDD) is the answer.

Contact Total Underground Solutions, the underground infrastructure experts for all your rock drilling work or queries in Melbourne and Victoria.