Horizontal Directional Drilling

If your require minimal impact to the above ground environment and need to install pipes, conduit or cables over longer distances, then Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) could be just the solution for you. Using an advanced trench less system that is also steerable, means that a highly accurate underground bore can be made that avoids underground obstacles and gives you the best path for your infrastructures.

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      • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

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    We at Total Underground Solutions a steerable trenchless method of installing cable, pipe or power under roads, footpaths and driveways with minimal disruption. The process of horizontal directional drilling or HDD is fast and cost effective.

    The technology involved allows us to create an underground path that avoids other underground services and obstacles as well as allows connections to be made that are not necessarily in a straight line. This results in a low impact, relatively fast and cost effective solution. The need for traffic control and disruption are also reduced, making Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD a terrific solution for built up urban areas.

    Horizontal Directional Drilling is suitable for many different soil types and applications that go well beyond simple under road boring.