Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

We utilise the latest hydro excavation equipment when performing non-destructive digging (NDD) around buried services, efficiently eliminating the risk of damage.

More and more so, underground boring is moving towards non destructive digging with the use of hydro excavation and vacuum trucks. Hydro trenching method allows us to bore holes and dig trenches around services in an efficient and safe way, eliminating the risk of damage to conduits and the environment.


Often referred to as ‘hydro excavation’ or ‘vacuum excavation’, non destructive digging is the process of breaking up soil and clay with high pressure water to remove soil and debris around previously laid conduits. This efficient alternative to traditional excavation trenching uses highly pressured water through a hose to cut through most soil conditions, and an industrial vacuum to suck up the slurry. Hydro trenching is a fast operating technology to safely and efficiently expose underground utilities as an alternative underground solution.

No matter the type of excavation best suited to your project, a key focus is to reduce the possibility of damage to current underground services. Non destructive digging is the favoured choice for this very reason. Unlike augers and trenchers, hydro excavation is the only non destructive excavation process, practically eliminating the possibility of any damage to underground pipes, cables and conduits as the pressurised water used only loosens and remove soil.

Non destructive digging in progress
Non destructive digging in progress, using a vacuum connected to a sucker truck

Why Total Underground Solutions?

Total Underground Solutions have built one of the most experienced underground digging teams in Melbourne, who are highly skilled and qualified to use non-destructive digging in conjunction with horizontal directional drillinghorizontal bed boring ,and open trenching projects. With our focus on underground water, power, gas and communication infrastructure, we’ve gained a very strong reputation for getting things done efficiently

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The process of non destructive digging, unlike other trenching services is relatively straightforward. A sucker truck is positioned close to the entry site, where a high pressure water hose liquifies the soil underground. The soil quickly becomes a slurry mix of water, soil and debris and so a powerful sucker vacuum is used to pump the slurry into the storage tank and held on the sucker truck.

As the excavation process occurs rapidly, the surrounding soil isn’t disturbed and reduces the possibility of a cave in. Hydro excavation can be used to clear the way for infrastructure through dirty, clay and hard ground.


Non destructive digging using a vacuum truck is a fast, clean and efficient way to expose underground services. As the process is faster and requires fewer equipment to use, it has become one of the most cost effective digging methods available. Benefits on hydro excavation include:

  • Less likely to damage existing underground services as non destructive digging is a controlled method where only the soil is removed, exposing infrastructure without running the risk of damaging them. This is why it has become the ideal digging solution around cable and optic fibre, conduit and pipes.
  • Faster drilling compared to traditional trenching methods as a drill head isn’t required. As less equipment is also required, it is much faster than open cut trenching. Non destructive digging is ideal for large-scale turnkey projects to finish them quickly.
  • Allows for moving soil in a safe manner as the process is non-destructive, non-mechanical and environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced soil contamination as no drilling fluids enter the soil as part of non destructive digging- the only requirements are water and a vacuum.
  • Traffic disruptions are also reduced as the equipment required for non destructive digging does not need to be parked right next to the digging site.

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