Non Destructive Digging | NDD | Hydro Excavation | Suck Truck | Vac Truck

More and more so, Under Road Boring and Underground Infrastructure is moving towards Non Destructive Digging with the use of Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Trucks. Using a Suck Truck / Vac Truck / Hydro Excavation enables us to locate services. We bore holes, dig trenches in and around services in an efficient and safe way which eliminates the risk of damage.

Using the power of water, our qualified operators direct a high-power stream of water to blast through dirt, clay and hard ground.  While another component is used to vacuum up or suck up the slurry or waste to have a low impact on the environment.

Why use Non Destructive Digging / NDD / Hydro Excavation / Suck Truck Service / Vacuum Truck Service?


Using a Vacuum truck is a very fast, clean and efficient way to expose underground services and the hydro excavation method completes the work without running the risk of damaging any of them. This very important, particularly around cable and optic fiber that our vac truck service provides low risk to connections to our communications system, conduit and pipes that contain our power, water and gas networks.

Total Underground Solutions have built one of the most experienced teams with skills and qualifications in Horizontal Directional Drilling, Non Destructive Digging, NDD, Horizontal Bed Boring and open trenching using hydro excavation.  Sometimes called a suck truck or vac truck and with our focus on underground water, power, gas and communication infrastructure, we’ve gained a very strong reputation for getting things done efficiently

Total Underground Solutions is based in Melbourne but services all Melbourne suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and other towns throughout Victoria. TUS has operated since 1994 and provided best quality Non Destructive Digging or NDD by using the right equipment for Hydro excavation such as our suck truck service or Vacuum Truck service.

Contact us with your site location and job requirements for Non Destructive Drilling , NDD, Hydro Excavation or Suck Truck Services or Vac Truck Services and we will come out at NO CHARGE, to scope the works and provide you with a FREE written quote, obligation free.