Jemena HV/LV Heavy Service Extension Upgrade

In order for power supply to keep up with Urban development, Power companies need to upgrade their existing Assets. That’s where Total Underground Solutions get to do some of their best work. When upgrading Low Voltage and High Voltage (LV/HV) power supply, sometimes creative thinking is required as we have to navigate a new pathway through existing underground infrastructure.

Our 20/20 Ditch Witch is the perfect tool to use in built up areas with narrow access and where there is no/little known rock underground as it can power through rod after rod to create a bore of up to 140 metres in length before a new hole is cut into the road or pathway. This minimises the amount of reinstatements required making it a very cost effective way to get the new conduit and asset underground.

Hydro Excavation is being used more in Major Civil Projects as it is a fast and reliable way to excavate or trench  

When existing assets are located, often at TUS we will use the Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) to prove the asset which means the existing conduit or pipe is found without any damage being made to it. 

From start to finish we take care to ensure the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. Here’s the typical steps in part of a HV/LV Service Extension Upgrade:

Locate and mark out all existing assets

Starting point for pilot hole and finishing location also opened up. Once the pilot hole has been shot the Drill Tracker uses a tracking device to locate the head of the drill to ensure that the bore is going in the planed direction.

We take pride in our work and ensure that everyone’s is kept safe at all times, even in well into the future. It is a VEDN requirement to install warning tape over High Voltage conduits should anyone else need to excavate over the top of our work one day.

At the end of the day we make the road safe again by installing road plates and temporary reinstatements, ready for another day.

Latest Projects

We’re a quality assured company that’s used to taking on challenges and solving problems for our customers, utilities companies, plumbers, builders and construction, landscapers and state & local governments.

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Greenvale’s first battery storage box set up. A Jemena network project with Drilling and Trenching

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During our recent Turnkey project in Dockland, our team installed the main power supply to the new Hoyts Cinema complex at Docklands.

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What Our Customers Say

A big thanks to the team at TUS for organising a job on such short notice and all those that worked on it. The job was delivered on time which made my life easier and the customer was very happy. Thanks again, you should give your team a big pat on the back, great job!


Zinfra Group

The entire TUS crew was professional, organised and very courteous to the wider community. These guys went above what you would expect even assisting bus passengers by checking timetables and assisting the elderly theatre patrons to use the carpark. 


NEP Alliance

Thank you for the excellent traffic control ladies that did an a outstanding job. The road was very narrow with a lot of truck traffic and the ladies made us all feel at ease when completing this job.


Asset Locating Services

The TUS team have been so outstanding in their response, action and timely resolution of anything I ask of them. It's really refreshing to know that if I call or email even a difficult request- nothing is too hard or troublesome. Thank you for such a great effort! 


Powercor Australia Ltd

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