HV/LV Service Upgrades for Maribyrnong City Council

Maribyrnong City Council town planning have reclaimed old industrial land to be used for new residential living on the banks of the Maribyrnong River. TUS have been engaged to upgrade the underground civil infrastructure so that the power grid can sustain the growth. Stage 1 of the River Precinct project will finish in Feb while we commence Stage 2 in January 2019. The full completion of town planning project is estimated to be completed in a few years.

Dedicated and trusted TUS traffic controllers managing the worksite to ensure the safety of the community and our team. Once safe our experienced driller using a sonar to track the drill head and steer the bore. Our equipment accurately marks out the exit hole which will be opened once we are ready to pull back the pipe. 

While drilling our Non Destructive Digger (NDD) is used to suck out the slurry created in the entry hole from the drill in operation. Water is required as part of the drilling process to create lubrication and reduce heat from the friction of the rods spinning while they are boring a hole. Using the NDD in this way also has it colloquially known as a Vac Truck.

Our Non-Destructive Digger in action.

We required our Komatsu PC45MR to be on site to do the heavy lifting -removing or placing Road Plates as well as being available to excavate where required.

With the site now safely setup it’s time to get digging!

Traffic Management is also required to allow for equipment and tooling to be close at hand. Like all our projects we ensure above the ground the site is just as we found it with minimal disruption. After a successful stage 1, we will continue with stage 2 of the project kicking off in February 2019! 

Another project completed safely and on time!

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What Our Customers Say

A big thanks to the team at TUS for organising a job on such short notice and all those that worked on it. The job was delivered on time which made my life easier and the customer was very happy. Thanks again, you should give your team a big pat on the back, great job!


Zinfra Group

The entire TUS crew was professional, organised and very courteous to the wider community. These guys went above what you would expect even assisting bus passengers by checking timetables and assisting the elderly theatre patrons to use the carpark. 


NEP Alliance

Thank you for the excellent traffic control ladies that did an a outstanding job. The road was very narrow with a lot of truck traffic and the ladies made us all feel at ease when completing this job.


Asset Locating Services

The TUS team have been so outstanding in their response, action and timely resolution of anything I ask of them. It's really refreshing to know that if I call or email even a difficult request- nothing is too hard or troublesome. Thank you for such a great effort! 


Powercor Australia Ltd

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