Traffic Management Services Melbourne

Traffic management services are complex services combining infrastructure works, traffic laws, regulations and traffic flow, health and safety requirements for road users, pedestrians, construction workers and the public, and adequate signage and controls.

Governments, regulatory authorities and traffic management services face the challenge of ensuring a well-managed balance of these factors, and the safe, convenient and efficient control and management of traffic is the outcome of a professional traffic management services around and near the worksite on major and minor council roads as well as Vic Roads roads.

From the development and provision of Traffic Management services, TUS provides professional traffic and safety management by accredited, trained and professional staff who ensure:

  1. Safety of themselves, fellow workers, pedestrians, all motorists and other road users;
  2. Enabling works at work sites to be conducted safely by minimising the risk associated with traffic movement;
  3. Controlling traffic in a professional manner to enable drivers to negotiate through, past, or around the worksite safely;
  4. Ensuring that indication given to the traffic management is consistent with the traffic signals.
  5. Maintaining traffic control in emergencies and other difficult situations; and
  6. Minimising delays to traffic.

The control of traffic around your building site or home block during construction work is needed to be handled by a professional traffic management services company, Total Underground Solutions has that experience and knowledge to ensure no problems arise.

TUS utilises fully-equipped traffic management services and vehicles for site-specific or general traffic management services, aided by state-of-the-art traffic management equipment including:

  • Hand-held Stop/Slow signs
  • Electronic trailer-mounted arrow boards
  • Traffic cones, bollards & delineators
  • Flashing hazard lighting
  • Temporary signs
  • Mesh barriers and reflective tape

Contact TUS for professional, safe and experienced safety and traffic management services needs throughout Melbourne and Victoria.